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There is so much more to do at The Marmara Tuti Restaurant.

With its unique architecture, The Marmara Tuti Restaurant redefines the traditional “quiet hotel lobby” concept. This unique lobby and restaurant takes your experiences of both spaces to a whole new level, featuring a climbing wall; reading corner; Internet hub; pool table; Art Column displaying a collection of works from different artists; a special column dedicated to exotic spices; and a Graffiti Wall where guests can share their hotel experiences.

See The Marmara Tuti Restaurant’s open buffet in a whole new light with delightful selections from Mediterranean cuisine, accentuated by the organic and local foods used by young and talented chefs to produce some of the healthiest and most creative fusion recipes. Sample some unique modern fare from the Summer Bar, Summer Garden, Beach Bar, Revolving Lounge and the “Food Corner” in the large garden.